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Heel is a pharmaceutical company specialized in developing and manufacturing medicines made from natural ingredients.

We at Heel are pioneers in the field of natural medicine, and a spirit of curiosity defines how we think and work. This mindset drives the company today and can be traced back to our founding father, Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg.

Another distinguishing feature is our strong commitment to scientific research and the gathering of evidence. Our natural medicines are safe and effective in the treatment of many diseases. With the help of cutting-edge research technologies, practice-based and experimental clinical research, Heel is dedicated to find out how these medicines work in the body. Our goal: To develop therapies which are tailored even more to patients’ medical needs.

We are convinced that the future belongs to a medicine, which is based on strengthening the capability of biological networks to regulate themselves with therapeutic help. Heel medicines are made up of low concentrations of several natural active components (multi-component) which address multiple treatment points in the body (multi-target). When biological networks have become dysregulated, causing disease, this unique therapeutic approach thus offers a safe and effective way of restoring the body’s autoregulatory capacity.

Health is one of our most important assets. The good thing is that a living organism is able to autoregulate. But sometimes it may need support – and that is where Heel natural medicines come in.

In Heel medicines, several active components are selectively combined and become active on multiple targets in the body. This multi-target approach of Heel pharmaceuticals enables the organism to activate its autoregulatory capacity instead of only suppressing the symptoms and signs of an illness.

Heel multi-component medicines are made up of mostly natural ingredients in low concentrations and are therefore well tolerated and have minimal side effects. High standard clinical studies have proven that Heel pharmaceuticals are effective and safe.

Whether Heel drugs are used in humans or in animals, this good safety profile is another reason why millions of doctors and patients put their trust in Heel natural medicines when it comes to restoring health.

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Discus Compositum N cu Kalmia 10 fiole 2,2 ml ,Tratament Hernie De Disc, Afecțiuni Reumatismale Heel Germany
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